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Washington, D.C. has everything a beauty influencer could ever want, from trendy beauty bars, to our own genre of music. The D.C. metropolitan area is one of many several booming culture hubs within the nation that aid in the creation of bringing clothing brands and fashion trends from the streets to that of a nationally recognized status, but what about makeup? 
Makeup artists in the fashion industry have used conventions and techniques drawn from street trends, music, culture and film to expand their individual talents and styles. The District Belle Cosmetics is doing just that; utilizing DC’s culture and trends to explore the beauty of this city. From historic landmarks, museums, food and music; there is a lot of unseen beauty in this city. The District Belle Cosmetics highlights the cosmetic beauty of the D.C. Metropolitan area. All products are inspired by D.C. neighborhoods, communities, and D.C. culture.  
Belle means a beautiful girl or woman, especially the most beautiful at any setting. The District Belle Cosmetics is tailored for your everyday woman looking to enhance her beauty.